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Drug shortage alert: injectable hydrocortisone


  • Concordia, the supplier of hydrocortisone sodium phosphate, has confirmed that it has stopped manufacture until Q3 2018 due to difficulties in sourcing the active ingredient for its liquid injectable hydrocortisone. 

The company confirms that it has almost run out of remaining warehoused stocks of 1ml ampoules of hydrocortisone sodium phosphate and that it expects it will be unable to resume supply until Q3 2018. 


A similar manufacturing problem in Q4 2014 was not resolved until Q3 2015, when the former branded product Efcortesol was relaunched as the current generic. The previous licence holder, Amdipharm, has since been taken over by Concordia, a Canadian-headquartered generic drug producer.


Once the remaining warehoused stocks have been depleted, anyone who needs to renew their injection kit materials will have to ask their GP to issue a prescription for the alternative form of injectable hydrocortisone: 

  • hydrocortisone sodium succinate (Solu-Cortef) 100mg powder, with a 2ml ampoule of solvent (sterile water)
  • members outside the UK (Ireland, Europe and Americas) may also be able to obtain the Act-o-Vial preparation, containing hydrocortisone sodium succinate and water in a chambered ampoule.


Guidance for GPs on what to prescribe can be found in the ADSHG’s GP Care leaflet.


Video instructions for how to prepare the Solu-Cortef powder and water can be viewed online and written guidance is also available on the website here...


As any further information becomes available, we will update members in the member-only online forum.

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