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Lectures & social meetings

THe ADSHG organises a variety of gatherings for it's members such as local social meetings, family get-togethers, regional medical seminars and the annual general meeting & medical lecture.

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  1. ADSHG social meetings are run by local group members around the UK and Ireland. They take place in either local community halls or private homes, and follow an open agenda, with the opportunity to meet and talk with others over tea, coffee and cake. Where possible, an endocrine nurse from a nearby hospital joins the meeting to lead injection practice and answer questions.

  2. The ADSHG annual general meeting and medical lecture are held at the same event in London each year, usually late spring or early summer. This event is a great opportunity to meet other people with Addison's while also learning more about the condition.

  3. The ADSHG hosts an annual get-together for the families with steroid-dependent children, as part of the organisation's annual general meeting and medical lecture event in London. First held in 2013, this informal get-together is an opportunity to meet others and share experiences.

  4. The ADSHG holds a regional medical seminar each year in a different part of the UK. Led by a local endocrinologist with an interest in adrenal medicine, it is structured as an informal question and answer session, followed by afternoon tea and the opportunity for injection practice. All ADSHG members are welcomed to attend.