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Real life emergency experiences

In this section we feature real-life experiences of emergencies, by our members who describe how they coped with severe illnesses or accidents. In addition, we often ask a medical adviser to the ADSHG to comment on the experiences of our members, and where necessary, to offer suggestions as to what the individual might have done differently.

6 articles in this category

  1. At 17, Duncan wasn’t sure that he really wanted to go on holiday with his mum and dad, but cheap flights from Newcastle and the promise of an escape from some particularly dreary Scottish weather meant the three of us were off for a relaxing week in Tenerife. We reflected on how chilled we felt as we waited in the airport lounge for our return flight, not realising what was ahead.

  2. In this member only section, more of our members describe how they coped with severe illnesses or accidents, with a medical adviser to the ADSHG providing a commentary and where necessary, offers suggestions as to what the individual might have done differently. Read more here...

  3. Niki describes how her friend, Justin Watkis, found it difficult to accept that he was dependent on steroid medication. Sadly, he collapsed and died between three and five days after running out of hydrocortisone.

  4. Bob had been well for five years since his Addison's diagnosis, but went into adrenal crisis following uncomplicated dental treatment, when his steroid-dependence meant he was unable to mount a normal physiological response to a vasavagal faint.

  5. Liz's condition had been unstable since her Addison's diagnosis, and she experienced her first episode of adrenal crisis within a year of being diagnosed. On that occasion, there were distressing delays to her treatment. After that awful experience she registered her steroid-dependence with the ambulance trust. The next time she developed a gastric infection and needed to dial 999, it was a happier story.

  6. The ADSHG has produced a video to hear first hand from our members and their families about their own experiences of giving an emergency injection during an adrenal crisis.