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Pinned  Welcome to the Addison's media centre

24 Jan 2016 01:54 PM | ADSHG in Media & journalists

Addison's disease is a rare condition, little known to the general public, that receives only occasional media attention. In this media section, we provide resources, explain how we assist media enquiries where we can, and list the ADSHG's past press releases.

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Pinned  Addison's in a nutshell

22 Jan 2016 11:10 AM | webmaster in Media & journalists

This section provides a brief introduction to Addison's disease and some resources to download about the condition. It covers a brief history of Addison’s, advent of synthesized cortisol, leading a ‘normal’ life with Addison’s, highlights the deadly risks of adrenal crisis and provides clarity on the rarity of Addison's disease.

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Mistaken media views about Addison's

10 Jun 2016 02:01 PM | ADSHG in Media & journalists

In July 2015, The Times provoked controversy about Addison's and steroid-dependency when it published an advice column offering suggested guidance for a steroid dependent pituitary patient. The ADSHG had serious concerns about the advice this column gave, in particular its assertion that the gentleman in question should reduce his steroid dose and the suggestion of a link between Addison’s and mental health problems. Below, we republish the letter to the Editor, written in response by the Chair of the ADSHG's Clinical Advisory Panel, Prof John Wass, and an in-depth commentary from the ADSHG's newsletter to members.

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