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Famous lives

Pinned  Famous lives

05 Feb 2016 11:58 AM | ADSHG in Famous lives

Addison's is a rare condition, so that there are only a few prominent citizens, past or present, who have been diagnosed with it. In its members' newsletter, the ADSHG has published feature stories about the achievements of those exceptional individuals with Addison's who have come to our attention. Here is a small selection of those Famous Lives stories.


Pinned  John F Kennedy

19 Oct 2016 03:26 PM | ADSHG in Famous lives

To say President John F. Kennedy was heroic would be an understatement, writes Harvey Grainger, who himself has lived with Addison’s for 42 years. John Kennedy had an impressive list of health problems including type 2 polyglandular autoimmune Addison’s.

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Sabino Arano

14 Feb 2016 05:34 PM | ADSHG in Famous lives

Better known in the Spanish-speaking world, Sabino Arana was the celebrated hero of Basque culture and language, and the instigator of the Basque nationalist movement. He was only officially diagnosed with Addison's disease during the last year of his life.

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Dr Thomas Addison

13 Oct 2016 10:58 AM | ADSHG in Famous lives

Dr Thomas Addison's pioneering work in the 1800s first led to the identification of Addison's disease. Here Professor Edwards presents a profile of Dr Addison in the form of a letter to his grandson.

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George Summerbee

19 Oct 2016 03:49 PM | ADSHG in Famous lives

George Summerbee was a professional footballer in the days before television was to make footballers wealthy. The son of a gas fitter, he signed on to Aldershot Town in 1933, when he was 19. His son Mike also became a professional footballer, who signed to Swindon Town at the age of 16 and thrilled the crowds at Manchester City in the late 1960s and early 70s. Mike’s son Nicky followed in his father’s shoes by signing to Swindon Town at 17 and going on to play at Manchester City in the 1990s, before transferring to Sunderland.

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Nathan Gafuik

14 Feb 2016 05:44 PM | ADSHG in Famous lives

Nathan Gafuik, the Canadian Olympic gymnast, is living proof that you can have Addison’s and follow your passion to its limits, however demanding that pursuit may be. In this interview, from the September 2012 ADSHG newsletter, he talks to Jane Hodgkin about his remarkable life.

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