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Promoting good medical practice

Pinned  Promoting patient safety and medical awareness

02 Jun 2016 09:56 AM | ADSHG in Promoting good medical practice

The ADSHG has made a number of submissions towards Department of Health consultation exercises on patient safety, access to medications and and good clinical care. The charity has also made a submission to the Scottish Medicines Consortium on access to new therapies. Here, we present the main submissions that the charity has made since its 2004 charitable accreditation.

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Addison's guidance in medical journals

01 Jun 2016 09:47 PM | ADSHG in Promoting good medical practice

Specialist GP and paramedical journals occasionally publish articles about managing Addison's and other forms of steroid-dependence. Similarly, some of the articles published in the specialist endocrine journals have relevance for the wider medical fraternity, who share responsibility for management of the steroid-dependent patient. Here, we list some of the most recent and topical articles that have been brought to our attention.

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Medical journal commentaries

02 Jun 2016 10:12 AM | ADSHG in Promoting good medical practice

The ADSHG has responded to a number of topical issues reported in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), The Lancet, and other medical publications over the years, regarding issues relating to patient care for those with adrenal insufficiency including access to medication, good clinical care and the trust-based nature of the doctor-patient relationship.

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Addison’s on the Northumbria curriculum

17 Jun 2017 02:17 PM | ADSHG in Promoting good medical practice

Northumbria University details the impressive steps they have taken to ensure that their students know how to treat steroid dependent patients, both day-to-day and during adrenal crisis. Here, Senior Lecturer Siân O’Dea from Northumbria University details the rationale behind their curriculum and how they teach student nurses to care for steroid dependent patients.

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Patient safety failures can be fatal

17 Jun 2017 02:42 PM | ADSHG in Promoting good medical practice

Misunderstandings about the risks to someone who is steroid-dependence can occur at many points within the care pathway – from the ambulance service personnel through to medical clinicians – and can easily become fatal. Important lessons can be learnt from these tragic cases.

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