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Research and information

Pinned  Assistance with recruiting

14 Jun 2016 07:53 AM | ADSHG in Research and information

The ADSHG receives regular approaches from researchers who are seeking our assistance with recruiting participants for their scientific projects. These approaches range from requests to publicise online questionnaires, through assistance in sourcing participants for qualitative interviews or focus groups, to requests to assist with long-term clinical trials.


Pinned  About research & information

20 Jul 2017 04:48 PM | ADSHG in Research and information

The ADSHG helps support and provide impetus to research into Addison's. We can provide assistance with recruiting, limited medical grant funding and in-kind assistance for medical research. You can read more about Addison's research & information here...

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In-kind assistance for medical research

03 Jun 2016 10:20 AM | ADSHG in Research and information

The ADSHG assists leading UK endocrine units to recruit participants for medical research projects from among the ADSHG’s membership, following application and approval by the trustees and Addison's Clinical Advisory Panel (ACAP).

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ADSHG endocrine nurse prize: Annette Louise Sea...

19 May 2017 10:20 AM | ADSHG in Research and information

The ADSHG offers an annual prize at the Society for Endocrinology BES conference, for a nurse-led research project that advances steroid awareness and patient safety.

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Medical grant funding available from the ADSHG

12 Jun 2016 12:58 PM | ADSHG in Research and information

The ADSHG is able to make small grant funding to a limited number of researchers each year, for projects that will advance good clinical practice in the diagnosis and management of Addison's disease.

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Uncovering more about the genetic susceptibilit...

14 Jun 2017 02:04 PM | ADSHG in Research and information

Dr Anna Mitchell from Newcastle University was awarded a second medical research grant of £5,000 by the ADSHG in 2016, to progress further aspects of the genetic research for which she had been awarded a grant in 2015. Here, she explains the purpose of her research.

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ADSHG surveys

01 Jun 2016 10:03 PM | ADSHG in Research and information

From 1997 onwards, the ADSHG has conducted a number of surveys to understand the views and experiences of our members in relation to their diagnosis, treatment and day-to-day management of Addison's.

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