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Pinned  Joining the ADSHG & member benefits

09 Jun 2016 01:24 PM | ADSHG in About the ADSHG

Membership of the ADSHG is open to anyone with Addison's or other forms of adrenal insufficiency that result in steroid dependence. Family members, friends or anyone with an interest adrenal medicine are also welcome. You can join as an e-member receiving your material electronically through the website or as a postal member.

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Pinned  ADSHG MedicNews update emails

21 Oct 2016 07:45 PM | ADSHG in Healthcare professionals

New for medical professionals


The ADSHG is unique in bringing together patients with Addison’s disease and leading medical specialists who have a specific interest in adrenal medicine. Registering to receive ADSHG MedicNews update emails will help keep you as a medic abreast of the very latest information and medical guidance relating to the condition.

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Pinned  Newsletters (members only)

05 Jan 2016 03:41 AM | webmaster in Publications & communications

ADSHG Newsletter 127 - March 2017 is now online!


The ADSHG newsletter is issued to members four times a year in March, June, September and December. It's a key membership benefit of the ADSHG and a great way to get the latest updates on Addison's research, treatment and daily management, with additional news from the group and stories from our members.

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Pinned  How to give an emergency injection

14 Jan 2016 09:15 PM | ADSHG in Emergencies & hospitalisation

This section describes how to give an emergency injection of injectable hydrocortisone for adrenal crisis prevention. The explanations use videos and illustrated guides to describe how to prepare and administer the injections and are relevant for work colleagues, family and friends as well as self-injection.

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Publications for people with Addison's

04 Jan 2016 09:24 PM | ADSHG in Publications & communications

The Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group, with the support and guidance of its Clinical Advisory Panel, publishes free education materials for people with Addison's regarding the treatment and management of their condition.

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How to contact us

13 Jun 2016 08:26 AM | ADSHG in About the ADSHG

The ADSHG is a charity run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers who would love to hear from you, however it may take a day or two for us to get back to you. We are unable to provide medical advice for individuals and you should seek this from your medical team.

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About Addison's Ireland

10 Jun 2016 08:25 AM | ADSHG in About the ADSHG

Addison's Ireland is the Irish branch of the Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group (ADSHG) with approximately 104 members from around the country both north and south. It organises regular meetings in Dublin and around the country and works to raise awareness of Addison's in Ireland.

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Regional medical seminars

17 Jun 2016 08:39 AM | ADSHG in Lectures & social meetings

The ADSHG holds a regional medical seminar each year in a different part of the UK. Led by a local endocrinologist with an interest in adrenal medicine, it is structured as an informal question and answer session, followed by afternoon tea and the opportunity for injection practice. All ADSHG members are welcomed to attend.

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About the online forum

15 Jul 2016 04:09 PM | ADSHG in About the ADSHG

Our online forum is a vibrant community of ADSHG members offering mutual support and help. It is a key membership benefit of the ADSHG, providing subscribing members with the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, make new friends and discuss the practicalities of living with Addison's.

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Support our 2017 fundraisers

05 Apr 2016 05:40 PM | ADSHG in Ways to give

Many people raise funds for the group through participating in sponsored events; please help us by sponsoring someone undertaking such an event in 2017. Some of our fundraisers are group members with Addison's; others are friends and family.


The ADSHG also purchases a limited number of charity places in two running events a year. You can find details of place availability in 2017 in this article.

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Publications for healthcare professionals

05 Jan 2016 03:59 AM | webmaster in Publications & communications

Clinical guidance publications have been developed by the ADSHG Clinical Advisory Panel to inform and advise your healthcare professions. These publications are available as free downloads and you should ensure your healthcare professionals are provided with these important publications.

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07 Jul 2016 02:14 PM | ADSHG in Addison's disease

When you are first diagnosed with Addison's, it can be an uncertain and confusing time. You will have many questions and there is a lot of new information for you to digest while coming to terms with your diagnosis. This page lists some key actions that people who are newly-diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency can take to make sure that both they and their families and healthcare providers understand their condition and can manage their health going forwards.




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