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About Addison's Ireland

Addison's Ireland is the Irish branch of the Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group (ADSHG) with approximately 104 members from around the country both north and south. It organises regular meetings in Dublin and around the country and works to raise awareness of Addison's in Ireland.

You can visit the Addison's Ireland website pages using www.addisons.ie



Aims of the Addison's Ireland
Addison's Ireland focuses on health-related issues specific to the Republic of Ireland, where the health services and other state supports differ from the UK, and aims to encourage greater medical awareness of our needs within the Irish health care system and supported by the Addison's Ireland Clinical Advisory Panel (AICAP).



Meetings are held each year in Dublin and around the country, with 37 people attending the Dublin meetings in both 2013 and 2014. Meetings are announced in the members' newsletter and the online calendar and you can read more about our meetings here...






The publication 'Caring for the Irish patient with Addison's: information for GPs', has been specifically developed for those with Addison's in Ireland, which along with other publications for both people with Addison's and healthcare professionals are available within Addison's Ireland publications.





Joining Addison's Ireland
Membership of Addison's Ireland is open to anyone in Northern or Southern Ireland with Addison's or other forms of adrenal insufficiency that result in steroid dependence. Family members, friends or anyone with an interest adrenal medicine are also welcome. You can join as an e-member receiving your material electronically through the website or as a postal member. Learn about joining Addison's Ireland..





Addison’s Ireland committee
The Addison's Ireland committee comprises a number of Irish members, all with Addison's, who work on a voluntary basis. Addison’s Ireland was founded by Aoife Hughes in 2009 and the group is currently led by co-ordinator Linda Grealy,





Addison's Ireland is supported by the Addison's Ireland Clinical Advisory Panel (AICAP) an informal group of Irish endocrinologists who help prepare and review the Group's publication.






Contacting the Addison's Ireland Committee
You can contact Addison's Ireland via our online form or email ireland@addisons.org.uk.




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