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Addison's disease Owner's Manual

By:  Sarah J. Baker & Katherine White  15 May 2003, 12:48:00

The 24-page Addison's disease owners manual provides a guide for Addisonians about the practicalities of managing their health day-to-day.   It has been co-written by members of the ADSHG and endocrinologist Professor John Wass.


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Addison's disease Owner's Manual pdf of manual


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  Contents of the Manual

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0.   Introduction


(44 kbytes)

1.   How 'normal' can life be with Addison's disease


(38 kbytes)

2.   The causes of Addison's disease and related autoimmune disease

[PDF] (83 kbytes)

3.   Medication

[PDF] (85 kbytes)

4.   Some Common Concerns

[PDF] (59 kbytes)

5.   Diet


(36 kbytes)

6.   Exercise


(51 kbytes)

7.   Pregnancy


(37 kbytes)

8.   Being the parent of a child with Addison's


(37 kbytes)

9.   Travelling away from home


(38 kbytes)

10. Crisis management


(65 kbytes)

11. Self help


(36 kbytes)

12. Glossary of terms and references

13. Acknowledgements


(55 kbytes)

14. Quick summary page


(47 kbytes)
The ADSHG has chosen to make the Addison's disease Owner's Manual available free of charge, but would appreciate a contribution in recognition of the considerable research and effort that has gone into it and to enable us to produce a new, revised edition in 2012.

You can make a secure credit card donation to us, simply by clicking on the following button. You will be taken to a secure website operated by the leading Internet donations provider justgiving to process your donation. The ADSHG is a UK registered charity (No: 1106791).

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  Addison's disease Owner's Manual
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