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    Membership of the ADSHG is open to anyone with Addison's or other forms of adrenal insufficiency that result in steroid dependence, family members, friends or anyone with an interest adrenal medicine.


    Learn more about joining the ADSHG & member benefits....


Addison’s disease (hypoadrenalism or adrenal insufficiency) is a rare condition where the adrenal glands cease to function and replacement medication is required.


    The ADSHG is holding a Special General Meeting (SGM) on Sunday 18th November, covering our move to Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) status and to vote in a new constitution. It will be followed by a Q&A session by Professor Eystein Husebye, head of the Department of Endocrinology at the University of Bergen. Tickets are available in the online Shop.

    Why are we having an SGM?
    The primary purpose of the SGM is to allow our members to vote on moving ADSHG to Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) status and to vote in a new constitution.
    Why do we want to move to CIO status?
    As our charity grows and seeks to provide support to more and more people in the Addison’s community, we have determined that ADSHG and therefore our members will benefit from us moving to CIO status. This means that we continue to be registered with the Charity Commission. We will continue to have a registered charity  number, allowing us to fundraise and providing the public with confidence that the charity is appropriately regulated.
    Why a new constitution?
    The constitution is effectively the ‘rule book’ of our charity and ensures ADSHG is run properly for the benefit of the members. Our current one is nearly ten years old and is no longer in line with Charities Commission best practice, hence we need to update it.
    Where and when?
    The SGM will begin at 6pm on Sunday 18th November 2018 at the Premier Inn, George Square, Glasgow. Details are in the members’ calendar and seat reservations are available through the ADSHG online Shop here...
    Online vote
    If you would like to vote on the new constitution and our CIO status, but can’t attend in person in Glasgow, a link will be sent out in an alert. In the meantime, you can see the new proposed new ADSHG constitution here...
    What is the medical seminar about?
    Following the SGM, Professor Eystein Husebye from Bergen, Norway, will provide a presentation on recent information of interest to the Addison’s community after which he will take questions. Eystein Husebye is Professor and Head of the Dept. of Endocrinology at the University of Bergen and Haukeland University Hospital, in Norway. He did a PhD and specialized training in internal medicine and endocrinology at Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden. Professor Husebye was the lead coordinator for the EU-funded EURADRENAL consortium bringing together endocrinologists across 12 European centres from 2008-2012 to perform clinically relevant research in Addison’s disease. He is the president of the Norwegian Endocrine Society and has published more than 150 papers, mainly about Addison’s disease. Professor Husebye is providing a keynote address to the British Endocrine Society conference the following day.


    Join Invicta for their first concert of Music for Advent and Christmas. The concert is in support of the Addison's Disease Self-Help Group and will feature traditional Christmas carols alongside some stunning choral works for the Advent season.

    The concert will be followed by mulled wine and a mince pie - included in the ticket price. To order tickets online click here...

    To order tickets online click here...


    By ADSHG, in About the ADSHG,

    The ADSHG works hard in it's mission to raise community awareness of Addison's disease via the charity website, the charity's Facebook page and Twitter. Supporting people with this rare condition is the prime objective of the charity so it makes all medical literature free to everyone on the website and provides local meetings and an online forum for members.

    Learn more about the impact the group is making from the ADSHG Impact at a glance 2017 summary from the image below, or download it from the publications centre

    You can view the ADSHG Impact at a glance summary in the image below, or download it from the publications centre


    Emergency injection kits are back in stock in our online shop.

    Everyone with Addison's – or steroid-dependence from any cause – should be prescribed an emergency injection kit in case of adrenal crisis. Within the UK, these are usually prescribed by the GP, although some specialist hospital centres issue both injection kits and prescription injection drugs to their adrenal patients.

    Hydrocortisone injection drugs are only available via prescription from your doctor. They are prescribed as either:
    Hydrocortisone sodium phosphate 100mg (liquid hydrocortisone in a 1ml ampoule) Hydrocortisone sodium succinate 100mg (powdered Solu-Cortef plus 2ml water vial)
    It is advisable to request a prescription for 3 - 5 vials injectable hydrocortisone in case of breakages. You will also need intramuscular needles (blue, IM) and 2mL syringes; alternatively, safety syringes are available from our online shop. Please note, these drugs do have a shelf life and it is important you regularly check the 'best before' date on any medication provided. If this date is due to pass, you can request a new prescription from your doctor for this medication.

    Note that hydrocortisone acetate (Cortistab) suspension must be avoided for use in cases of adrenal crisis. It has a delayed onset so is ineffective for emergency treatment.
    Emergency injections: tips and reminders
    Managing your Addison's
    Caring for the Addison's patient: information for GPs.
    ADSHG emergency injection kits are available from our online shop
    A range of emergency injection kits for both adults and children is available from our online shop and comprise:
    Sturdy plastic boxes containing safety syringes, amp snaps and photo instructions Available in adult and neonate (paediatric) sizes Do not contain prescription injection drugs, which must be prescribed by your GP or endocrinologist.
    You can purchase emergency injection kits (minus the drug preparations) from our online shop.
    ADSHG adult emergency injection kit - large case


    Membership of Addison's Ireland is open to anyone in Northern or Southern Ireland with Addison's or other forms of adrenal insufficiency that result in steroid dependence. Family members, friends or anyone with an interest in adrenal medicine are also welcome. You can join as an e-member receiving your material electronically through the website or as a postal member.

    Aims of the Addison's Ireland
    Addison's Ireland focuses on health-related issues specific to the Republic of Ireland, where the health services and other state supports differ from the UK, and aims to encourage greater medical awareness of our needs within the Irish health care system and supported by the Addison's Ireland Clinical Advisory Panel (AICAP).
    Joining Addison's Ireland
    Please join the ADSHG in the usual way and those based in the Northern or Southern Ireland,will automatically become a member of Addison's Ireland too. You can join at any time of year and will receive contact details for the Addison's Ireland Co-ordinator Linda Grealy when you join the ADSHG.
    Join the ADSHG.

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The Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group is the support group for people with Addison’s disease or adrenal insufficiency and their families in the UK and Ireland.The group was formed in 1984 and is a UK registered charity no. 1106791.

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