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About the Addison's Disease Self-Help Group


  • The Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group (ADSHG) is the support group in the UK and Ireland for people with Addison’s disease or adrenal insufficiency and their families. First started in 1984, the Group is now a registered charity (no.1106791) governed by a body of elected trustees, which works to support its members with adrenal failure and to promote better medical understanding of this rare condition.

The Group offers support and information to our members through our publications, online forum, social meetings and medical lectures and quarterly newsletter. We have a Clinical Advisory Panel comprised of leading adrenal healthcare professionals who provide guidance to us on medical matters.


We aim to make a difference to our members by:

  • Providing information and support through our publications, online forum and meetings
  • Improving diagnosis and ongoing treatment of people with Addison's through running education initiatives to highlight their needs to relevant healthcare professionals
  • Empowering people with Addison's to be confident and proactive in managing their own health
  • Raising awareness of Addison's disease to the public
  • Supporting research into the clinical management of people with adrenal insufficiency

Hear what our members say about us:

"We think the ADSHG is brilliant. Our family don't think we would have managed without all the help, advice, and support we get from so many on the forum."
"Two years today I was diagnosed with Addison's and diabetes a couple of weeks later. I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone on the forum for all your support and advice, and for being there whenever I was feeling low or just needed a little advice or support."
"I want to say a big thank you to all those who have helped me via this support forum during the past ten months. It's thanks to my amazing GP that I am alive and able to work full time as a teacher. But it is also due to the help I was given on this forum by people who don't even know me. Thanks not only to those who replied to me directly but also for the immensely helpful information which is regularly posted. Thank you all once again – what a difference some support can make!"
"A year ago tonight, I was admitted to hospital having my first crisis and severely dehydrated. Once I had been diagnosed I could have cried with relief. But then it hit me and I felt overwhelmed. The consultant told me to look this site up for more information and support. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in this charity. I have learnt so much from you all. The medics give you the bare minimum of information at the time of diagnosis so it's wonderful to know that I can come to the forum anytime, day or night, and ask questions."

Please sign up online to become a member of the ADSHG and to support our work. You will receive access to our online forum, receive a quarterly copy of our newsletter and be able to attend our meetings.


You can find out more about the work of the ADSHG in the following publications:


Contact us
Please visit our contact us page to find out how to get in touch with us.

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About us

The Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group is the support group for people with Addison’s disease or adrenal insufficiency and their families in the UK and Ireland.The group was formed in 1984 and is a UK registered charity no. 1179825.

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