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Joining the ADSHG & member benefits


  • Membership of the ADSHG is open to anyone with Addison's or other forms of adrenal insufficiency that result in steroid dependence. Family members, friends or anyone with an interest adrenal medicine are also welcome. You can join as an e-member receiving your material electronically through the website or as a postal member. Most of our members have primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison's) but people whose steroid-dependence is from causes are welcome to join the group, to share support around managing their dependency on this life-saving medication.

The Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group is the support group for people with Addison’s disease or adrenal insufficiency and their families in the UK and Ireland. We aim to support our members and to promote better medical understanding of this rare condition, working in co-operation with leading adrenal specialists. We were founded 1984 and are a registered UK charity (no. 1106791). We are funded primarily through your subscriptions, donations and fundraising activities.


Membership benefits
Your annual subscription directly supports those with Addison's through the charity's work and helps promote better medical understanding of this rare condition. As a member, you receive direct support from fellow members via the online forum and a number of other benefits highlighted below, which are not available to the public.




  • Individual publications from the ADSHG information pack are also available to download for free from our publications centre or a print copy of the pack can purchased from our online shop.
  • Additional ADSHG emergency wallet cards can purchase from our online shop.

Join now to benefit as a member:
When you join as a member and subscribe online, as either a postal member or e-member, you will receive instant access to the online forum and online benefits including the ADSHG newsletters and access to the social meeting calendar on completion of payment. Those living in Ireland should join in the standard way and you will automatically become a member of Addison's Ireland.


To join, please click on the relevant link below:


Non-postal membership


Postal membership

The username you choose when signing up is displayed as your online forum username and may be a pseudonym if you wish to stay anonymous to other members in the forum.


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"Love what you do at - best £ I’ve EVER spent. The Forum should be required reading for every newly diagnosed Addisonian - and the information sheets are fantastic. Huge fan here!" 

"I am a nurse and was diagnosed with autoimmune Addison’s 15yrs ago & I am grateful to who’ve helped me so much"

Twitter feedback from ADSHG members on Rare Diseases Day, 28 Feb 2018

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About us

The Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group is the support group for people with Addison’s disease or adrenal insufficiency and their families in the UK and Ireland.The group was formed in 1984 and is a UK registered charity no. 1179825.

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