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Resources for members only


  • As a member, you receive a range of benefits including direct support from fellow members via the online forum and through local meetings as well as the quarterly ADSHG newsletter, A number of these including the ADSHG newsletters, online forum, Living well website articles and ADSHG NewsAlert emails are directly accessed from the website here.



ADSHG-newsletter_back_issues_articles_mo.png.f547e60cdac581c84dd837453e93d418.pngADSHG Newsletter and back issues


The ADSHG newsletters and a great way to get the latest updates on Addison's research, treatment and daily management, with additional news from the ADSHG and stories from our members. Each edition of the newsletter brings you a quarterly update on the Group's activities, what we are doing to support you, along with the in depth articles on the latest medical advice for managing Addison's disease and personal stories from ADSHG members about their experiences, read them here...


ADSHG-living_well_articles_mo.png.9a2e0510c4dfba4f2262b2ce51b61cc5.pngLiving well section contents


Within the group there is vast array of information, experience and knowledge is shared in the newsletter, on the forum and at face to face meetings. The member-only articles within the Living well section helps pool this experience and knowledge in order that all members of the group can gain a deeper practical and personal understanding of Addison's.


ADSHG-forum_articles_mo.png.abb44640e05ba035ddc8321cdccdaaf4.pngOnline forum


Our online forum is a vibrant community of ADSHG members offering mutual support and help. It is a key membership benefit of the ADSHG, providing subscribing members with the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, make new friends and discuss the practicalities of living with Addison's. The forum can be accessed here...


ADSHG-meetings_articles_mo.png.aba1337da60338bb59f5c006e682cd69.pngLectures & social meetings


ADSHG social meetings are run by local group members around the UK and Ireland. They take place in either local community halls or private homes, and follow an open agenda, with the opportunity to meet and talk with others over tea, coffee and cake. Where possible, an endocrine nurse from a nearby hospital joins the meeting to lead injection practice and answer questions. All social meetings are listed in the members' meetings calendar and the type and range of meetings is described here


ADSHG-news_alert_article_mo.pngADSHG NewsAlert email and back issues


To help ADSHG members keep up-to-date with new information and late breaking news, we send out regular NewsAlert emails to our members. Each quarterly newsletter is announced in a News Alert, and occasional special topic News Alerts are sent for important issues like drug shortages. All past issues of the NewsAlert are accessible here...




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The Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group is the support group for people with Addison’s disease or adrenal insufficiency and their families in the UK and Ireland.The group was formed in 1984 and is a UK registered charity no. 1179825.

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