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ADSHG adrenal crisis guidelines


  • The ADSHG's emergency guidelines give medical treatment guidance for paramedics or hospital staff in the event of adrenal crisis. This guidance is relevant for those with steroid-dependence from any cause. It has been authored by the ADSHG's clinical advisory panel of leading UK adrenal specialists and should be signed by your doctor, to verify your condition.

ADSHG adrenal crisis (emergency) guidelines


English language
Download for free the English language ADSHG crisis guidelines from the publications centre.


Foreign language translations
The foreign language translations of the adrenal crisis (emergency) guidelines in the following languages are also available for free download in the publications centre.

  • Cantonese (Hong Kong Chinese) language crisis guidelines
  • French language crisis guidelines
  • German language crisis guidelines
  • Greek language crisis guidelines
  • Italian language crisis guidelines
  • Mandarin (Putonghua) language crisis guidelines
  • Portuguese language crisis guidelines
  • Russian language crisis guidelines
  • Spanish language crisis guidelines
  • Thai language crisis guidelines


ADSHG emergency wallet card
You can purchase the same emergency medical guidelines in a handy, concertina wallet card from our shop. This credit-card sized document has laminated covers and a fold-out paper interior. Available in English only. ADSHG emergency wallet card (item 301). This item is also provided free of charge to all ADSHG members upon joining the Group.





Additional foreign language resources
You can purchase PVC steroid alert cards in Spanish or Dutch, from the Addison's support groups in these countries.


Amulets giving similar steroid alert information in Swedish are available from the Swedish Addison's association


You can download a simple one-sided steroid alert card in the following languages below. These free, identifying cards may be useful for presenting to paramedics and pre-hospital staff who are less likely to speak English. Do remember that ambulance crew in many countries do not carry injectable hydrocortisone and may not be authorised to administer the patient's supply.

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