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Fundraising experiences

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The ADSHG is very lucky to have some wonderful supporters to take part in a whole range of activities to raise money to support our work. In this section, our fundraisers share their stories and provide inspiration for ideas on how you can support the ADSHG.

12 articles in this category

  1. A sunny day in May saw a well-attended fundraiser held in memory of Sam, who sadly passed away earlier in the year. This successful event raised a considerable sum, donated to the ADSHG. Many thanks go to all those involved – such kindness is a fitting tribute to Sam.

  2. Featuring in the September 2018 newsletter, Ann describes the successful get-together organised for people affected by Addison's disease. The money raised was donated to the ADSHG and many thanks are due to the people of Caernarfon.

  3. On a gloriously sunny spring morning in March, 147 runners ran the Garstang Gallop seven-mile road race, around an undulating course with lovely scenery. With all proceeds from the entry fees going to ADSHG. Thank you to Garstang Running Club, particularly to Jack Billingham and fiance Amie McAvoy for nominating our charity and for organising the race.

  4. Here, Katie tells us how she was diagnosed with Addison's at just 13 years old. She and her Gran held a bake sale to raise funds for ADSHG as a way of saying thanks for ADSHG's Schools booklet, which was helpful in explaining her condition to her school.

  5. As featured in the September 2017 newsletter, here is ADSHG member Rachel's story of how her friend and former ADSHG trustee Sue Chambers undertook the challenge of producing and publishing a charity cookbook for the ADSHG.

    Sadly, Sue died on 30 March 2018. You can read a tribute to Sue on this link.

  6. This event at St. Peter’s Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA) Club in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland was organised in memory of Shane Nicholl, who died on 21 January 2016 aged 11 from undiagnosed Addison’s disease. Shane lived in Warrenpoint and, because of this tragic loss, St. Peter’s Club decided to nominate the ADSHG as their charity of the year for 2016.

  7. Featuring in the December 2016 newsletter, this article reports some of the various fundraising activities that our members and supporters have undertaken to raise both funds and awareness.

  8. Lottie tells us about how she organised a pub quiz to raise funds for the ADSHG.

  9. The December 2015 issue of the newsletter contained a special fundraising insert highlighting our members' and supporters' fundraising achievements throughout 2015. Here, we describe two of those very different fundraising events.

  10. The December 2015 edition of the newsletter contained a special insert highlighting our members' and supporters' fundraising achievements during 2015. Here, we report on all the wonderful runners who undertook a Great Run in aid of the ADSHG.


  11. In 2016, we had five amazing runners take part in the Great Manchester Run in aid of the ADSHG. One of our members, Helen, writes in the September newsletter about her experience of tackling this challenge.


  12. The ADSHG was the happy recipient of a generous donation following Veronica and John's marriage. Proving you are never too old for love, Veronica tells of their "elopement".


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