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Adrenal crisis & surgery guidance

Nick Willson

  • The Addison's Clinical Advisory Panel has issued guidelines for the emergency medical treatment of adrenal crisis, and for management of steroid-dependence during surgical procedures. You can download these for free from the links below to give to medical professionals who are overseeing your treatment.

The essential crisis and surgery guidelines are highlighted in this section and you can find the full range of emergency & hospitalisation publications within the publication centre.

ADSHG crisis guidelines
The ADSHG crisis guidelines provide emergency medical treatment guidance for paramedics or hospital staff in the event of a person with Addison's (or other forms of adrenal insufficiency) suffering an adrenal crisis. This letter should be signed by your doctor. This document is also available to download in eight foreign languages for those who live or travel abroad.


Read more about this publication and download it...


ADSHG surgical guidelines
The ADSHG surgical guidelines are intended for the information of your medical team or your dentist and have been developed for the ADSHG by our Clinical Advisory Panel. They explain what level of extra medication and monitoring people with adrenal insufficiency will need in the event of most types of minor or major surgery or dental work.


Read more about this publication and download it...



The advisory panel is chaired by Prof John Wass, editor of the Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology, Oxford Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes, former academic vice president of the Royal College of Physicians, and a past Chairman of the Society for Endocrinology. Current panel members are: Prof Wiebke Arlt, Queens Elizabeth II Hospital, Birmingham; Prof Simon Pearce, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle; Prof Will Drake, Barts and the London Hospital, London; Dr Francesca Swords, Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, Norwich.


Past panel members (now retired) are: Dr Trevor Howlett, Royal Leicester Infirmary, Leicester, and Prof John Monson, Barts and the London Hospital, London.

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