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Ambulance registration (red-flagging)


  • Learning to live with Addison’s includes making sure you’re ready for all eventualities! For this reason, it’s important to be registered (red flagged) with your local ambulance service in case you need to go to hospital and receive emergency treatment on the way.

Different ambulance trusts have different methods for registering steroid-dependent patients. Registration procedures and the contact details for each ambulance service are provided within each Ambulance and A&E section in our members' online forum.

  • If you live within the London Ambulance area or the South East Coast Ambulance Service area, you do not need to register as all their first response vehicles carry emergency hydrocortisone injections and are trained in how to give these. For these areas families with a steroid-dependent child are still encouraged to register their home and school addresses.
  • Within the Republic of Ireland, all ambulances now carry injectable hydrocortisone; home address registration is not offered.
  • If you live in Scotland, your GP must complete an Emergency Care Summary on your behalf to be attached to your CHI records.
  • Other ambulance services have their own protocols and registration procedures which are discussed in the Ambulance and A&E sub-forums.

Ambulance and A&E sub-forums

The sub-forums are sections within our members' only online forum that are dedicated to providing information on the different ambulance trusts. As well as providing details of the registration procedures and the contact details for each ambulance service, each sub-forum contains useful ambulance-related topics initiated by members, and shared ambulance experiences.




Do also remember that you can receive email notifications whenever discussions are created by clicking the 'Follow' button on the relevant forum or forum topic.




Living well Ambulance and A&E website articles


Members can also access a wealth of member-only articles relating to ambulance and A&E experiences taken from the newsletter in the Living Well Ambulance and A&E section of the website.




ADSHG members - you can look up your specific ambulance service by county here... and find links to the correct sub-forum and ambulance service website.


If you are not currently a member, find out the benefits of membership and how to become a member here…


Be prepared and be ambulance aware!

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