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/out and Forgot password issues

Nick Willson

  • Many members are experiencing sign-in/session sign-out and forgot password issue and we apologise for this.   We are working to resolve the issue with our service partners (web hosting company and software supplier).  This article features some suggests which have helped a number of members to treat the symptoms and avoid the issues.

We are working with our service partners to reduce the sign-in issues many have experience - please bear with us!


Please refer to the following suggestions if you are experiencing sign-in/out and forgot password problems.


Your password is case sensitive

Your sign-on password is case sensitive and some devices (particulalry iphone and iPad) often auto-capitalise the first letter so please check if this is happening in your case.


Unable to sign-in to website/forum/shop..

Please check your browser is not storing an old password and auto-filling it (this is likely if your email/username is already completed and password has "......". already completed).  If it is auto-filling an old password, you will need to go to your browser settings, find the option for stored password and delete the addisons.org.uk entry.


Finding that you are frequently being signed-out

When signing-in the sign-in box has an option "Stay signed-in" [tick]". This tells the website to send your browser a "cookie" (a small text file) so your PC or device can keep you signed-in for 90 days or until your cookies are cleared, whichever is the sooner. Make sure you tick this box unless you do not want to remained signed-in such as if you use a shared computer (e.g. coffee shop or library computer)


Trying to renew you subscription but taken straight to the forum homepage

When trying to renew your subscription online, if you are taken to the forum homepage instead of seeing the renewal options page please click the link at the end of this paragraph.  This will sign you out of the online membership system and most likely the website/forum too but if not please sign out of the website/forum too and then sign-in afresh to the website/forum.  Click this link to sign-out of the membership system....


Receiving an email: Your account has been locked for security reasons

This is most often due to auto-fill on your browser while having a number of browser windows to the website open on your device or one multiple devices.  What can often happen is when you wake up a PC or device from sleep mode,  all timed-out browser sessions restart and refresh their pages which can lead to you account being locked for 2 minutes.  You account is automatically unlocked after two minutes so just be patient - it is a security feature to alert you to any attempts to hack your account.

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