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Notice of Special General Meeting


  • As previously indicated to members online and in the newsletter, the Special General Meeting of the Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group (ADSHG) will be held on Sunday 18 November 2018 at 6pm at the Premier Inn, George Square, Glasgow.

Agenda and Background

There will be only one item on the agenda for the SGM, to agree that the activities and assets of ADSHG be transferred to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and that the original ADSHG charity then be dissolved and removed from the Register of Charities.  


The conversion to a CIO has been a part of the ADSHG strategy for some time and the Trustees have unanimously confirmed it is in the interests of ADSHG to take this step for the following reasons:


  • The CIO model has now been fully established and rolled out by the Charity Commission 
  • A CIO is a more appropriate structure than at present for donations and grants by sponsors and is more flexible and lower cost than the alternative of becoming a limited company
  • Incorporation offers greater financial protection for the members and Trustees of ADSHG
  • Conversion allows ADSHG the opportunity to bring our constitution up-to-date and in line with best practice recommended by the Charity Commission, whilst allowing ADSHG to continue all current activities and to meet our existing purpose as a charity


The Charity Commission has registered our new CIO as a charity (Registered Charity Number 1179825), with the same name and object as our current charity (Registered Charity Number 1106791), namely to promote the relief of persons with Addison’s disease, in particular by the provision of support, information and communication for such persons, their families and carers and by such charitable means as the Trustees determine. The new CIO constitution follows the model recommended and registered by the Charity Commission and is available on the ADSHG website through the link below.


Following an introduction and discussion, members will vote on the following resolution.



The Trustees and members resolve that, in accordance with clause V of the current ADSHG Constitution, ADSHG shall transfer its activities and assets to the new CIO, following which the original charity shall be dissolved and removed from the Register of Charities.



Members who are unable to attend the SGM but would like to vote on this resolution may do so online here.


The full details of the SGM and the medical seminar on 18 November are available online here.


The CIO constitution is available on the ADSHG website.

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