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In-kind assistance for medical research


  • The ADSHG assists leading UK endocrine units to recruit participants for medical research projects from among the ADSHG’s membership, following application and approval by the trustees and Addison's Clinical Advisory Panel (ACAP).

The ADSHG is proud to have assisted a number of UK endocrine units to recruit for medical research projects over the years, including:

  • A 12 month clinical trial of DHEA at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge
  • Ongoing genetic studies, involving DNA analysis of blood samples, to better understand the genetic origins of autoimmune Addison's disease at the Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University
  • An ongoing clinical trial of Rituximab, which suppresses one part of the immune system, and ACTH which stimulates the adrenal glands, to see if adrenal function can be improved in people with autoimmune Addison's disease, at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle
  • An ongoing clinical trial of physiological cortisol replacement using 24 hour pulsatile pump therapy, at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.
  • An ongoing qualitative research project exploring the psychological impacts of living with a long term condition and the experience of adrenal crisis, coordinated through the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

You can read the outcomes of some of this research in the journal articles listed below.

Anyone wishing to make a charitable donation towards the work of the ADSHG in supporting medical research, may do so through our dedicated Just Giving appeal, here.


If you are interested in recruiting participants from among the ADSHG’s membership for a research project of any type, please read the explanation of our research application process here.


Scientific articles derived from research assisted by the ADSHG through member recruiting


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