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Last day for submissions to Health Committee on Brexit impacts on access to medicines

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The Health Committee (the Westminster select committee chaired by backbench MP Sarah Wollaston, a retired GP) has opened an enquiry into the impacts of Brexit on access to medicines, medical devices and substances of human origin. This enquiry is open to submissions from the public until end of day, Thursday 26 October.

Anyone is able to send in a personal submission. People with long-term medical dependencies such as levothyroxine replacement or steroid-dependence are potentially at risk from supply disruptions as Britain leaves the Single Market/Customs Union. Most of the generic medicines licensed in the UK are manufactured at plants outside Britain, across various countries within the European Union.

The terms of reference for this enquiry can be found on this link. The committee advises that:

The Health Committee is responsible for scrutinising the work of the Department of Health and its associated public bodies. Submissions should therefore address matters for which the Secretary of State for Health is responsible. However, comments are welcome on matters where the Secretary of State for Health may not have lead responsibility, but where the withdrawal negotiations have important implications for the safe and effective supply of medicines, medical devices, medical products and substances of human origin in the UK.

Respondents need not provide responses to all questions. Equally, if there are any crucial issues not captured under the questions we pose, please highlight what they are and explain their salience.

To send an individual submission, here is a direct link to the online form.





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