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  • ADSHG surgical guidelines By ACAP

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    The ADSHG surgical guidelines are intended for the information of your medical team or your dentist and have been developed for the ADSHG by our Clinical Advisory Panel.   They explain what level of extra medication and monitoring you will need in the event of most types of surgery or dental work. If you are having elective surgery in hospital, for example a hip operation, it would be sensible to give your surgeon and anaesthetist a copy of the guidelines well in advance of your surgery date. It is also advisable to take the guidelines with you when you go in to hospital and discuss them with your nursing staff, so that they are aware of the post-operative care you need.   These guidelines:   a. List the ten main types of surgical procedure, each requiring a different level of steroid cover   b. Specify the glucocorticoid medication and post-operative treatment requirements for each type of procedure in an easy-to-read table   c. Bring together the most up-to-date endocrine knowledge on cortisol replacement in the steroid-dependent patient   d. Reflect a prudent level of steroid cover that can safely be administered by non-endocrinologists.   These guidelines apply to all individuals who are steroid-dependent, so they are relevant to people with hypopituitarism as well as Addison's.   The leaflet is © ADSHG May 2017. It may be copied for personal use or by medical practitioners for the education of their patients. Otherwise it should not be reproduced without written permission of the ADSHG.
  • When a student has Addison's: a guide for schools and parents By ADSHG

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    The ADSHG booklet 'When a student has Addison's: a guide for schools and parents' was written to help young people with Addison's who are in education to explain the condition, considerations needed and support required by a school or educational establishment.   This leaflet was developed jointly by ADSHG members Sue Chambers, Debbie Heaton and Katherine White. The ADSHG also wishes to thank Juliet Edwards, Jennifer Billingham, Sue Elford and Lindsey Farrow for reviewing the content.   The booklet covers the following information:   1. What is Addison's 2. Day to day symptoms 3. Managing medication and fluids 4. Medical jewellery and other documentation 5. The Individual Healthcare Plan 6. Absences and support for education missed 7. Outside the classroom: school trips and sports 8. Exam arrangements 9. Transition to another school 10. Responding to sickness, injury and emergencies 11. Legislative guidance and further information 12. Suggested Individual Healthcare Plan template 13. Other essential contacts   Our thanks to Professors John Wass, Simon Pearce, Wiebke Arlt, Dr Trevor Howlett and consultant endocrine nurse Phillip Yeoh of the Addison’s Clinical Advisory Panel for their guidance and input.   This booklet is © ADSHG December 2015. It may be copied for educational or personal use or by medical practitioners for the education of their patients. Otherwise, it should not be reproduced without written permission from the ADSHG.   Print copies are available in the online Shop on this link.
  • ADSHG medical history form By ADSHG

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    The new medical summary form is an easy way to record the medications you are currently taking as an aide-mémoire and as a guide for medical professionals, when my medical records are unavailable and your medications need to be known.   The leaflet is © ADSHG March 2017. It may be copied for personal use or by medical practitioners for the education of their patients. Otherwise it should not be reproduced without written permission of the ADSHG
  • ADSHG Newsletter 132 – June 2018 By ADSHG

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    Addison's Disease Self-Help Group newsletter, issue 132, June 2018
      Welcome to the summer 2018 edition of the ADSHG newsletter. This issue has a special travel and holidays feature with lots of helpful tips and reminders for making the most of your holidays, including guidance about the EHIC. Friends and ADSHG members pay tribute to former trustee Sue Chambers, who sadly ended her struggle with leukemia at Easter. Following the introduction of the GDPR in May, learn how we are protecting your data and how you can check and update your accounts details online. Additionally, we report on Addison's Ireland, fundraising events, social meetings and ambulance awareness.   Page 1: High days & holidays
    New British 10mg hydrocortisone supplier
    Run for Addison's in the Great South Run 2018   Page 2: From the President
    AGM and medical lecture   Page 3: Recent news
    A tribute to Sue Chambers   Page 4: Brexit briefing
    Enjoy the EHIC while it lasts
    EMA reassigns all UK contracts   Pages 5-7: Travel and holidays
    Tips & reminders for making the most of the holidays
    Lanzarote swings and roundabouts
    An unexpected sting in Corfu
    Seeing the world with Addison’s   Pages 8-9: Ambulance awareness
    Speaking from the heart - a talk with Liverpool student paramedics
    Bristol student paramedic conference
    Julie’s ambulance awareness update   Page 10: Ireland update
    Working with the Addison's Ireland clinical panel
    Help wanted at the autumn meeting
    Still time to add your voice   Pages 11-13: Around the group
    About the money
    Complete your ADSHG member survey
    Lumpy Lane - a recipe from Sue Chambers
    Wibbly wobbly webby - protecting your data & privacy under GDPR
    How to check your ADSHG account details online   Pages 13-14: Fundraising roundup
    Garstang Gallop
    Fundraising Fridays on social media
    Rare Diseases Day in-store fundraiser
    Twin bake sale
    Phoenix dinner dance   Pages 14-15: Social corner
    A piece of cake - thoughts on getting involved with social meetings
    Social news and reports 
    Social and medical meetings 2018   Page 16: The back page
    2018 subscription rates
    Help needed for Endocrine conferences 2018
    ADSHG trustees and officers

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