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ADSHG Newsletter 128 - June 2017

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About this Publication

Addison's Disease Self Help Group newsletter, issue 128, June 2017


Welcome to the summer 2017 edition of the ADSHG newsletter. This issue reports promising developments towards the new Zeneo autoinject device. We have more positive news on A&E awareness in Ireland and a report from Dr Anna Mitchell on her ongoing genetic analyses. In addition, we focus on the website updates to Living well and the launch of our injection videos on YouTube.


In this issue


Page 1: Planning your summer get-away?
AGM and medical lecture tickets


Page 2: From the President
About the money


Page 3–4: Recent drug news
Latest news on the Zeneo needle-free auto-injection device
Infacort update
Brexit and the dispute over the European Medicines Agency relocation


Page 5–6: ADSHG news
Addison’s Ireland progresses A&E awareness
Society for Endocrinology conference
Grant for uncovering more about the genetic susceptibility of autoimmune Addison’s
Updated surgical guidelines


Page 7: Ambulance scene
Have you seen the ambulance Forum makeover?
North West ambulance to the rescue
Registering with your local ambulance trust


Page 8: Website news
Spotlight on updates to Living well, Ambulance and A&E forums and YouTube injection video launch


Page 9–10
Help with applying to university and support available through the Disability Living Allowance


Page 11–12: Personal stories
Ibiza eye-opener
Injection video saves the day in Zurich
Food poisoning risk from broken salad leaves


Page 13: Fundraising update
Pub quiz night
Donations report


Page 14–15: Social update
Gill’s social corner
2017 social and medical meeting


Page 16: The back page
2017 subscriptions
ADSHG trustees and officers

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