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ADSHG Newsletter 131 – March 2018 1.0.0

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About this Publication

Addison's Disease Self-Help Group newsletter, issue 131, March 2018
Welcome to the spring 2018 edition of the ADSHG newsletter. This issue contains exciting drug news on a new hydrocortisone formulation for children and a comprehensive Brexit update. Whether you are looking to get fit or already participating in a sport, Dr Rob Andrews offers lots of instructive advice about staying on top of an exercise programme with Addison's, while Jane Hodgkin reveals how words and phrases we use influence our moods and outlook. Recent medical research news, an ambulance update, fundraising stories, a website browsing guide and news on upcoming meetings complete this informative spring edition.


Page 1: Spring is in the air
Complete the ADSHG member survey!
Great South Run 2018


Page 2: From the President
About the money
Interested in becoming a trustee?


Page 3: Recent drug news
Diurnal’s Alkindi gets the go-ahead
Emergency supply from community pharmacies


Page 4: Brexit briefing
Prepare for the worst: hope for the best


Page 5: Adrenal medicines 
Adrenal medicines in the UK and Ireland
European Medicines Agency prepares to leave


Page 6: Recent medical research
Infectious causes of Addison’s
Swedish patients with Autoimmune Addison’s are not overweight


Page 7: Life skills
Words for feeling better or worse
Register with your ambulance trust


Page 8: Ambulance update
Turbulence on the ambulance scene
A Christmas shopping surprise


Page 9-11: Exercise and Addison's
Bangkok Bulletin of teeth brushing and 750km
Rare Diseases Day Tweet chat
Powered by Krispy Kremes
Staying on top of an exercise programme with Addison’s


Page 12: Around the group
Wibbly wobbly webby


Page 12-13: Fundraising
A guide for new hosts holding an Addison’s social meeting
Fundraising stories
Tuna bake recipe


Page 14-15: Social update
Meeting reports
School charity events
2018 social and medical meetings


Page 16: The back page
2018 subscription rates
Endocrine conferences 2018

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