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ADSHG Newsletter 111 - March 2013

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Addison's Disease Self Help Group, issue 111, March 2013


Welcome to the spring 2013 newsletter. Our members’ Middle East travel and trekking experiences feature large in this issue. Jo Grey writes about her rugged adventure in the Sahara, when she braved 40º heat, sandstorms, flies and the dreaded ‘Sahara tummy’, to trek 120km across the desert last October. Not for the faint-hearted, you can read the nitty-gritty of her epic stroll on pages 10 - 12. Andrew found himself making less progress on the journey home, when his flight to Kuwait became fog-bound and was stranded at the world’s largest airport – Dammam in Saudi Arabia – as he describes on pages 12 – 13.


Page 1: Front page
The journey home
Notes for nurses: hospital advice


Page 2: From the President
About the money


Pages 3-4: Recent news
Addison's life stories published


Pages 4-5: Recent drug news
Hydrocortisone price stays high
Efcortesol availability
Pharmacy labels


Page 6: ADSHG at work
Nursing awareness letters
Ian's £undraising bit


Pages 7-9: Medical lecture
ADSHG medical lecture 2012


Pages 10-13: Personal experience
Maniacs in the Sahara
Kuwait calling: sleepless in Dammam


Pages 14-15: Social reports
Jan's social corner
Regional meetings


Page 16: Back page

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