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ADSHG Newsletter 114 - December 2013

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About this Publication

Addison's Disease Self Help Group newsletter, issue 114, December 2013


Welcome to the winter 2013 newsletter. This issue explores the ways that people with Addison’s around the world have chosen to celebrate life post-diagnosis. Rachel in Eire, Andrew in Spain, an Ian and Sarah in the UK, and Geoff in Australia, describe some of the ways they have marked their diagnosis and recovery, many through sporting or recreational achievements. Jane explains in her page 7 column on coping with stress how she, too, determined to see the positives in her diagnosis and put it to good use in her life.


Page 1: Front page
Welcome to the winter newsletter
New year = renew subscription time
Employers leaflet


Page 2: From the President
About the money


Pages 3-4: Recent news
Ambulance awareness: advances in Ireland
New medical paper on good clinical practice


Pages 5-6: Medical awareness
Nursing awareness raising
Hospital awareness: Arran's first crisis


Page 7: Life skills
Reducing the stress of a long term condition


Pages 8-10: Personal experience
The Great Fjord & Shannon swims
Santiago pilgrim trail
St Crispin's day nightride in verse


Page 11: Famous lives
Geoff Starling - from exhilaration to despair and back again


Page 12: Around the group
Leicester medical seminar


Page 13: Fundraising report
Ian's £undraising update


Pages 14-15: Social report
Jan's social corner
Regional meetings


Page 16: Back page

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