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ADSHG Newsletter 115 - March 2014

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Addison's Disease Self Help Group newsletter, issue 115, March 2014


Welcome to the spring 2014 newsletter. The ADSHG turns 30 in autumn this year, marking the auspicious season when Deana Kenward, our President, began contacting everyone who had responded to her little “ad” in the Radio Times. This autumn it will also be 10 years since the ADSHG’s application was approved by the Charity Commission and we became a registered charity. We have come a long way in those three decades and have a lot to celebrate.


Page 1: Front page
Happy birthday to us!
VanishPoint syringe on sale now


Page 2: From the President
About the money


Pages 3-6: Recent news
Emergencies r us: more from our 2013 survey
Stabbing practice at work


Pages 7-8: Life skills
A perspective on anxiety


Page 9: Medical research
Pulses - the rhythm of life?


Pages 10-11: Personal experience
Taking on the world: triathlon training for beginners
The healthiest sick guy you know


Page 12: Exercise and Addison's
The doctor's view


Page 13: Fundraising reports
Ian's £undraising update


Pages 14-15: Social reports
Jan's social corner
Regional meetings


Page 16: Back page

About us

The Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group is the support group for people with Addison’s disease or adrenal insufficiency and their families in the UK and Ireland.The group was formed in 1984 and is a UK registered charity no. 1179825.

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