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ADSHG Newsletter 120 - June 2015

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About this Publication

Addison's Disease Self Help Group newsletter, issue 120, June 2015


Welcome to the summer 2015 newsletter. This issue takes an optimistic punt on the British weather – or our members’ overseas travel plans – and is packed full with hot weather and travel advice. You can find out how expert traveller Nathan Gafuik, the Canadian gymnast with Addison’s, handles long haul flights when he travels to international competitions, on page 5. And you can discover how ADSHG trustee Andrew is adapting to life in colourful, crowded, humid Bangkok. Ex-pat ADSHG member Yvonne explains how she survives in the searing Australian summers.


Page 1: Front page
Will this be the barbecue summer?
Direct debit paper mandates
Thai and Arabic emergency treatment translations


Page 2: From the President
About the money


Page 3: ADSHG video appeal
Self-stabbing for beginners: a how-to guide
Further Efcortesol delay


Pages 4-7: Travel with Addison's
Handling the heat at home and abroad
Nathan Gafuik: travelling the world
Bangkok life
Ten tip on how to manage your Addison's while on the road in Thailand
Thailand travel tips: the doctor's view
Holiday reminders


Pages 8-9: Nursing awareness
Addison's on the Northumbria curriculum


Pages 10-11: Around the group
Have you fallen off the list?
Ambulance registration in the south west
Genetic research: give blood
Never Events framework 2015
The true cost of prescriptions
Is your Medic Exempt still valid?


Page 12: Personal experience
Our first emergency injection


Page 13: Fundraising reports
Ian's £undraising bit
Wibbly Wobbly Webby


Pages 14-15: Social reports
Jan's social corner
2015 social & medical meetings


Page 16: Back page
2015 subscription rates

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