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    The new medical summary form is an easy way to record the medications you are currently taking as an aide-mémoire and as a guide for medical professionals, when my medical records are unavailable and your medications need to be known. The leaflet is © ADSHG March 2017. It may be copied for personal use or by medical practitioners for the education of their patients. Otherwise it should not be reproduced without written permission of the ADSHG


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    The ADSHG drugs chart steroid alert stickers are intended for people with Addison's to take with them for day case and inpatient surgical procedures to alert nursing and medical staff to their steroid-dependence and their time-critical need for steroid medication when unwell. One hospital sticker. Pre-printed copies of the drugs chart steroid alert stickers are also available for purchase from our shop ADSHG drugs chart steroid alert stickers (item 303).


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    The ADSHG adrenal crisis guidelines give emergency medical treatment guidance for ambulance or hospital staff in the event of a person with Addison's experiencing an adrenal crisis. These guidelines should be signed by your GP or specialist, to verify your condition. In addition to the adrenal crisis guidelines, you can also purchase the same emergency instructions in a handy credit card sized concertina wallet card from our shop ADSHG emergency wallet card (item 301) Foreign language crisis guidelines For those who live outside the UK or are travelling abroad, the ADSHG adrenal crisis guidelines have been translated into a number of different language versions by native-speaking clinicians. We would like to thank all those involved in the translations for their assistance. Click the following links for the related download page: Cantonese (Hong Kong Chinese) language crisis guidelines French language crisis guidelines German language crisis guidelines Greek language crisis guidelines Italian language crisis guidelines Mandarin (Putonghua) language crisis guidelines Portuguese language crisis guidelines Russian language crisis guidelines Spanish language crisis guidelines Thai language crisis guidelines The leaflet is © ADSHG December 2015. It may be copied for personal use or by medical practitioners for the education of their patients. Otherwise it should not be reproduced without written permission of the ADSHG.


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    The ADSHG surgical guidelines are intended for the information of your medical team or your dentist and have been developed for the ADSHG by our Clinical Advisory Panel. They explain what level of extra medication and monitoring you will need in the event of most types of surgery or dental work. If you are having elective surgery in hospital, for example a hip operation, it would be sensible to give your surgeon and anaesthetist a copy of the guidelines well in advance of your surgery date. It is also advisable to take the guidelines with you when you go in to hospital and discuss them with your nursing staff, so that they are aware of the post-operative care you need. These guidelines: a. List the ten main types of surgical procedure, each requiring a different level of steroid cover b. Specify the glucocorticoid medication and post-operative treatment requirements for each type of procedure in an easy-to-read table c. Bring together the most up-to-date endocrine knowledge on cortisol replacement in the steroid-dependent patient d. Reflect a prudent level of steroid cover that can safely be administered by non-endocrinologists. These guidelines apply to all individuals who are steroid-dependent, so they are relevant to people with hypopituitarism as well as Addison's. The leaflet is © ADSHG May 2017. It may be copied for personal use or by medical practitioners for the education of their patients. Otherwise it should not be reproduced without written permission of the ADSHG.


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